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Guy's Fans Testimonials

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These guys and gals love Guy's.

My husband and I love ur Tasty Mix snack mix!  When we were first married we would sometimes eat it for our supper instead of buying food for a meal as money was so tight.  Almost 28 yrs later we have a very hard time finding ur Tasty Mix in stores but when we do, even though money is still tight, we will buy it and snack happy!!  Found it today after about 4 yrs without any and it still tastes as good as it did 28 yrs ago!! Please NEVER stop making ur tasty mix!!  Sincerely, the Sellnos, devoted snackers since 1983  Poteau, OK

Just wanted to let you know, we drove an hour north of Denver today to pick up 8 bags of your Guy's Chips!  That's how good they are!! Now, how do we get them distributed to the metro Denver or Highlands Ranch area?  Would love that!!!   Terisa

Hello to the people of Guys Snacks Company... I just wanted to thank you for the gerat snack Tasty Mix.  I purchased a bag at Dillons here in Wichita, KS and have not been able to put the bag down.  I took some to work and the bag was gone in less than five minutes.  Just wanted to say keep up the good work and keep making awesome Kansas made snacks!  Andrew from Wichita, KS

Best in the world...  There are no potato chips in the world that can beat GUY'S BARBEQUE CHIPS!  I love them, please keep up the good work.  Rex from Bedford, IA

An important part of our lives
Guy's Potato Chips have been such an important part of our lives for so many years. We cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful they are. All we can say is thank you for making the best potato chips ever made anywhere.
Dennis & Karen

No other chip stacks up to the taste of Guy's...
I used to eat the BBQ chips all the time when I was younger. No other BBQ chip stacks up to the taste of Guy's. I love the spicy flavor.
Jodi, Kansas

I miss my Guy's...
I live in Colorado now and miss the Guy's products.

Loved you snacks for many years...
Our family has loved your snacks for many, many years.
John, Arkansas

Dying for some Guy's...
I live in Texas and am dying for some Guy's BBQ chips.

It's not a trip to KC without Guy's...
I always buy your products on my trips to Kansas City.

Guy's gets passed on...
I would like to tell you how much I love the taste of Guy's Potato Chips. My mom buys BBQ, my favorite. Guy's Potato Chips are always fresh and crispy. I will always love your potato chips. When I get older I want to buy Guy's Potato Chips for my children. I hope you never go out of business.
Chelsea, Missouri



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